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Sax ProShop · Buescher Aristocrat Tenor 288XXX

Buescher Aristocrat Tenor 288XXX

A great Buescher at a great price! The original lacquer is around 80% intact with a lovely dark patina. The body is straight and dent-free. The neck has had a few small dents removed. The snap-in resonators are all original and intact. Our shop has installed RooPads with shellac for a consistent feel and better seal on the tone hole. The rollers are all original Buescher rollers.



This Aristocrat has a huge and classic Buescher sound and sounds great with modern mouthpieces. If you like Buescher Tenors, this one will be the best Aristocrat Tenor you've ever played!


We have chosen to make several modifications to this horn to make it more playable. One special feature is the modified Bis Bb pearl. While most Buescher Bis Bb pearls are somewhat awkward to reach quickly, this one has been moved closer to the B key and the convex pearl is larger for an easy reach and a natural feel.

Another modification we made was to the low C# lever and key. It was changed to a modernized and adjustable mechanism which helps improve pitch and key action, while removing the lost motion normally associated with the low C# key on Bueschers.

Also, a new part was machined for the octave mechanism to replace the 'Buescher Square' which usually introduces lost motion into the octave mechanism.

We gave this tenor the SuperSlickSetup for the left hand pinky table and it feels great.

super slick set up

No mouthpiece, ligature, or neck strap are included. The horn does not have an original case, but we will ship it with a used Buescher Elkhart case. We would highly recommend that you acquire a better case for daily use. We have BAM cases available.

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