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Sax ProShop · New Saxophones for Sale

New Saxophones for Sale

The Château Saxophones are a brand we feel are the highest quality saxophones coming out of Asia for the price. These Saxophones are constructed and assembled by their most discerning and experienced workers. Both players and technicians will appreciate the fine level of response and craftsmanship these instruments possess.

MusicMedic.com takes this excellent quality instrument and adds the value and quality control of the Sax ProShop. Every Château saxophone spends time in the Sax ProShop before it is shipped, at no extra charge! Each saxophone is inspected for damage and quality and gone over by each of the specialists in the shop to ensure the saxophone plays well before it ships. We take the time to make sure all aspects of the saxophone are in working order. This includes inspecting the neck and body, removing any dents from shipping, any minor body work, making small adjustments to key work for better functionality, and prepping the instrument for shipping.

In the shipping department we take extra care shipping your new saxophone. MusicMedic.com is the only instrument retailer who ships an instrument separately from the case.

We use extra packing material and ship your saxophone in a double box to ensure the saxophone is not damaged in shipping. This also allows for the instrument to be fully insured. If you would like to see how we pack up instruments please watch our video. These Saxophones Ship For FREE to any address in the USA.

All Château saxophones come with a padded neck strap, a case, and a plastic square-chambered mouthpiece with ligature matching the horn's finish. These instruments also have blued steel needle springs, an adjustable thumb hook, adjustable guards, and water-resistant tan pads with riveted domed metal resonators installed. A tilting Bb spatula, a tear-drop shaped front F, and a Selmer-style 8va mechanism are also standard on any Château horn.

Student Horns

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All Saxgourmet saxophones are designed by Steve Goodson and contain exclusive features found on no other saxophone in the world. All are subjected to the most rigorous quality control in the industry, in addition to careful inspection and adjustment by the Pro Shop at MusicMedic. All Saxgourmet Saxophones (except the Voodoo Master series) use extra firm black kangaroo leather Saxgourmet pads and solid copper Maestro resonators from MusicMedic. The Category Five and Voodoo Rex series feature rolled tone holes, and all Saxgourmet saxophones are heavily engraved on the bell, bow, body tube, and necks. The beautiful copper finishes are covered with a state of the art electrostatically applied clear coat for ease of maintenance and long lasting durability. The Model Six and Super 400 series feature extended keyword to high G as standard equipment.

Saxgourmet saxophones represent the absolute cutting edge in saxophone design. Once you play one, you'll completely understand what we're talking about!

Antigua Winds was founded in 1991 by Fred Hoey in San Antonio, Texas. As a musician and educator, Mr. Hoey thought, simply, that music enriches lives, and music is a natural gift to human beings. It was Mr. Hoey’s belief that everyone should have the opportunity to learn and play music.
With 20 years of full-line manufacturing experience, Antigua has evolved the design of wind instruments, always challenging and improving time tested standards with a highly skilled engineering team. Their research and development department utilizes today’s most sophisticated technology to ensure quality material composition and precision measurements. Documented work procedures and employee training help to build a core staff of highly skilled artisans, capable of producing some of the highest quality instruments on the market today.

The Theo Wanne MANTRA saxophone is the most advanced saxophone available, using the highest technology in the industry and integrating over 30 innovations and features.

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